The Contributor and the homeless

the homeless gather to show their success

In Nashville, we have this thing called The Contributor. It's a newspaper run and distributed by homeless and formerly homeless people, and while it's still young, it's kind of amazing to see some of the things it's done.


The Heart-Achingly Beautiful Earth

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

The heart-achingly beautiful earth, via @unryan.


Experience Human Flight

Rocket scientists, musicians, and evil geniuses

the capitol of the world

This past week, I attended TEDxNashville. If you're not familiar with TED, it's kind of difficult to explain, but essentially it is a big convention where people who are brilliant and creative in various ways get together to share ideas.

So I went to this convention (well, the local branch of it that happens in Nashville) not knowing what to expect.

And it was beautiful.

There were really smart people,
rocket scientists,
evil geniuses,
and they delivered fantastic talks.


Of Kings, Gods, and Organic Freedom

the wild and chaotic sea encroaches on the rigid authoritarian structures

Once upon a time, a new king was crowned. The new king wanted to do right by his people, so he went to see God, to ask him how he should run his kingdom.

Upon arriving at God's house, the king launched into his request:

"Oh Great and glorious God! I am your humble servant, and I wish to do what is right and good. So please tell me the correct way to arrange and run my kingdom, so that you may be greatly pleased."

God thought for a second, and then gleefully replied, "However you want!"


My Interview with a Cyborg Werewolf, part 2

Chase Night, rogue cyborg werewolf

This is part 2 my interview with The Cyborg Werewolf. Read part 1 here.

How can technology make us more human? (Or animal, as the case may be)


My Interview with a Cyborg Werewolf, part 1

a wolf bristles under the chill night air

A while back, I read this manifesto introducing the Cyborg Werewolf. I was immediately intrigued by the idea of a human operating on all these different levels. This is part 1, tune in for part 2 here.

What does it mean to be a cyborg werewolf? (What is it that makes you animal? What is it that makes you human? What is it that makes you cyborg?)


Twilight and the burden of free will

two roads alternate in a woods, and human choice is the only thing that matters

I watched the movie Eclipse recently. I’m not a Twilight fan, but – well, we all have people in our lives, don’t we?

One moment in particular stood out to me. In the middle of the one of the most intense scenes, Jacob angrily says that if Edward had stayed away for six more months, Bella would have forgotten about him, falling completely in love with Jacob. Twilight fans would no doubt argue the accuracy of that prediction, but I think it makes sense. I’ve seen many people (like Bella) in the middle of obsessive and unhealthy relationships, and without space to breath, they are never able to get enough separation to get a glimpse of the reality around them. They stay stuck in a world and a relationship collapsing in on itself, cutting off more and more people and possibilities as time goes on.


How to use Instagram, and not live to regret it

the winding roads leading away from home

Instagram is a magic little app that transforms your photos into blasts of retro-sugary goodness, and makes them incredibly easy to share with your friends. Instagram is also thousands of lifetimes of regret waiting to rain down upon the heads of millions of users.


Humans Hunting Under Water


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