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Human Manifesto Two

We have seen human life for what it is: fluid, ever-changing, ever-expanding, learning and reaching and adapting, merging itself to every environment imaginable. Humanity scales mountains, moves rivers, invents languages and images and worlds of imagination, grasps at the depths of reality, and notices the detail of a blade of grass. From dirt there is grandeur, from bones there is flight, from muscles come music, from cells come transcendent beauty.

We want to explore this experience more deeply, more fully. We want to embrace the glory of being human.


Human Manifesto One

We are not experts, and we do not know the future. But we believe that human life is raw, and fluid, and brilliant, and that it should burn bright in the world. We believe in intellect and creativity, in ambition and embrace, in natural force and cultural sophistication, and above all, in the dynamic white-hot change at the burning edge of life.

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