My Interview with a Cyborg Werewolf, part 2

Chase Night, rogue cyborg werewolf

This is part 2 my interview with The Cyborg Werewolf. Read part 1 here.

How can technology make us more human? (Or animal, as the case may be)

The answer everyone is expecting to hear is that technology has made it possible for us to earn our income online. You can develop a product, sell it online, quit your day job, and travel the world! That's awesome, but it's also just the surface. I thought I started my blog with the desire to make money from it. It's been five months now and I haven't made a cent. I haven't really tried to yet either. I got distracted making friends. Now I know that I didn't start my blog because I was broke; I started it because I was lonely. When I was reading through the archives of Far Beyond the Stars last October, the front of my brain was thinking about the business implications. The back of my mind was thinking, "Gee, I'd like to be friends with this guy."

Our society is very disconnected from each other. Some people blame this on technology, but I blame this on the denial of our animal nature. If we've disconnected from our environment and our animal brethren, why should we be surprised that we've disconnected from each other too? Now certain types of technology have contributed to that disconnection for sure, but I believe the Internet has done more healing than harm in this regard. Most people you meet face to face are wearing the bridals society gave them. They're being held back. We have all this apprehension surrounding our bodies, and it can take ages to get through that barrier to the heart of a person. The Internet can unbridle us. We're just brains interacting with other brains; there's no physicality to judge. We get to step over all that bullshit and really get to know each other. This is my favorite thing that technology can do for us.

As a cyborg werewolf, is your approach to life more "lone wolf" or "wolf pack"? Is it important to have certain kinds of people in your pack?

You can probably tell from my last answer that I'm going to say a "wolf pack" is extremely important. Loneliness is an epidemic in our world. You can get really lost in your own head without good pack mates to pull you out. These can be face-to-face friends in your immediate area or these can be friends you met online. Where they are geographically doesn't matter as long as you know they'll always be there for you. Internet connections come and go just like physical ones, but I feel I've made a few friends in the community who will be with me for a while even if we blow up our blogs one day.

That being said, I'm also a serious lone wolf. I have to spend lots and lots of time by myself to feel balanced. I can't work if anyone is around me. I need silence to think. When I'm around too many people I feel like their thoughts are crowding out all of mine. I can get frantic if I've been around people too much. For instance, I love both mine and Alex's parents dearly, but they both visited one weekend, leaving me with no time to myself for three days, and I was a real ass on Monday. You've got to spend time alone to recenter and recuperate or you'll have nothing to give to your pack.

How on earth did you get a cool name like "Chase Night"?

If I told you that I would have to kill you. (Though you might just come back as a werewolf.) I will tell you that Chase is my middle name. The only way to find out my first name is to complete a PayPal transaction with me. But a rough translation of my full name would be "The Hunter from the Broad Valley of Night." So, yeah. My name is awesome.

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