Interview with a Sociopath

venkat stands tall, wondering over an oblique earth

Venkatesh Rao writes at Ribbonfarm, and is the author of the book Tempo. He recently went on tour, and did me the honor of visiting me and my friends for an evening. He has a brilliant analysis of the hit TV show The Office, and despite classifying himself as a "sociopath", he's an excellent guest and conversationalist.


My Interview with a Cyborg Werewolf, part 2

Chase Night, rogue cyborg werewolf

This is part 2 my interview with The Cyborg Werewolf. Read part 1 here.

How can technology make us more human? (Or animal, as the case may be)


My Interview with a Cyborg Werewolf, part 1

a wolf bristles under the chill night air

A while back, I read this manifesto introducing the Cyborg Werewolf. I was immediately intrigued by the idea of a human operating on all these different levels. This is part 1, tune in for part 2 here.

What does it mean to be a cyborg werewolf? (What is it that makes you animal? What is it that makes you human? What is it that makes you cyborg?)


Interviewing The Minimalists

two guys become the world's greatest minimalists

The Minimalists are two guys who recently set out to change their lives. Read more of their story here.

1. Who are you?

We would love to joking respond with a pithy philosophical platitude, but we'll resist. The honest answer is we are a couple of guys who want to help people live a more meaningful life, a life that's filled with happiness, passion, and freedom.

2. In the most succinct way possible, tell me - what does everyone reading this need to do right now?

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