Into The Wind

So I wrote this a couple years ago and really enjoyed sorting my thoughts as I wrote this because of all the interesting things that my mind brought up. I have another article on this subject as well and hope to write many more. As you read, think about the wind as maybe something other than what you've experienced it to be. I'll kinda leave that open ended for you to use your imagination.

You know when you're driving down the road with the window open or outside on a windy day?
Well that is what I fear and love. Something inside me wants to close the window or go inside.
I think that my thoughts and actions were the result of a reason, a fear,
instilled within that was buried so deep not even I knew what it was or what it meant.
So why do I fear that which I love?
Maybe because I cannot possibly understand or control it.
Because of its power that I can feel against me.
You can contain air, but the wind is ever alive.
But I think the true reason I fear the wind is because it exposes a weakness to myself.
I see what I truly am not.
I am not the wind, I am not a fire, I am a pond yearning for the ocean.
My life up until now and beyond is the story of how I broke free.